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The world of Chamber Music is a very difficult one in which to thrive. There is a limited audience to play for and many talented groups.   With counsel from our colleagues and mentors who have gone before us, we have decided to  be self-managed for now. This gives us greater freedom and ensures that we do the concerts that we really want to do and thus, greater joy in our music-making!

But it is almost always a slower way to go. That's why we need all our fans to spread the good word about what we do. Our fans tell us that they very rarely go to concerts that so draw them in and appeal to them in many more ways than other concerts. If you agree, please tell everyone you know! If you don't, kindly keep it to yourself. Thanks so much!

Emailing List:  If you live or often visit the Seattle area and would like to know about upcoming concerts in this area that Finisterra Trio will be playing, please email us and we'll be happy to put you on the email list.  If you live outside of Seattle and would like to know when Finisterra Trio might be in your area again, you'll have to keep an eye on your local series announcements.



Please contact us: complete email addresses in the usual fashion
The Trio: Finisterra at
The Cellist: Kevin at
The Pianist: Tanya at
The Violinist: Brittany at
Phone: (206) 517-4164
Address: 1215 NE 130th St.   Seattle, WA 98125